A debt-ridden farmer struggles to keep afloat amidst mounting pressure from his lenders. When his young daughter decides to adopt a stray rabbit, the relationship between father and daughter is put to the test. What the child considers to be the loving companion she desperately needs, her father sees as an additional threat to the family’s meager existence. An intimate and nuanced exploration of familial love and strife, evocatively photographed amidst stunning Indian countryside.

  • Director
  • Sudarshan Suresh

    Sudarshan Suresh, a qualified lawyer in India, began his career working at a corporate law firm in Mumbai. An avid painter, he quit the law profession in 2012 to pursue his love for the arts. While freelancing as a video artist, he made several commercials and films for NGOs and corporates, before deciding to immerse himself in narrative filmmaking. He is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Film at Columbia University in New York. “The Rabbit” is his debut short film.