In a nondescript waiting room at a medical clinic, a group of strangers waits for test results. Everyone is desperate not to admit what they have tested for: HIV. As they grow frustrated with the reality that they will have to wait until the end of the day to receive results, they come up with the idea to bribe the receptionist, who is dealing with her own personal problems and desperate for the money. She comes back with the news that only serves to make the wait more tortuous.

While an HIV/AIDS epidemic has been spreading throughout India, popular culture has been reluctant to face it head on. Master multi-language filmmaker Priyadarshan tackles the subject with surprising humor and real humanity, showing how the disease can strike anyone, even those in the middle class. With performances by an array of familiar faces from Tamil cinema, SOMETIMES is an urgent film for our time.

Q&A to follow with producer and sound designer Radhika Chaudhari and Kunal Rajan

  • Director
  • Priyadarshan

    In a career spanning three decades, Priyadarshan is a legendary, award-winning filmmaker who has directed more than 70 commercially entertaining and socially conscious films in Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu.