KOTHANODI (River of Fables)

Along the banks of a majestic river in Assam, four women with abnormal connections to their children reveal a darker side to the oft-idealized notion of motherhood in director Bhaskar Hazarika’s singular vision of folktale horror. For his debut feature, Hazarika adapts four stories from the popular, century-old Assamese collection Grandma’s Tales, breathing stunning new life into these unsettling fables that make the darkest of Grimm’s seem like, well…child’s play.

The mothers in this film twist and warp their archetypal roles in ways fascinating, bizarre and disturbing. There is the childless woman branded a witch because of a persistent piece of fruit that follows her everywhere. A proud matriarch is about to marry her daughter to a vicious python. A woman fears her latest newborn will suffer the same grim fate as her previous three children. And an utterly evil stepmother vindictively torments a poor innocent girl left in her care. Shot in a wondrous, classic widescreen style, KOTHANODI pairs the natural beauty of Assam with the horrors that lurk inside these folkloric nightmares. It creates an unforgettable experience, and announces a new and exciting voice in Indian cinema.

  • Director
  • Bhaskar Hazarika

    Bhaskar is a New Delhi-based writer and filmmaker. After completing his MA in Film and Drama from the University of Reading, he has worked extensively in Indian films, television programs and documentaries. KOTHANODI is his debut feature film as a director.