KIRUMI (Virus)

Kathir, an irresponsible young man full of get-rich-quick ideas and little follow-through, stumbles through life with the support of his loving wife and enabling friends. After a night in jail, he uses his knowledge of the city’s illegal activities to gain favor with the Chennai cops, starting a new career as a top police informant. Kathir uses his newfound power to orchestrate a raid on some criminals who embarrassed him in the past, but this only compromises his hidden identity and endangers his loved ones — the harsh consequences of tattling on the city’s most ruthless gangsters.

First-time director Anucharan Murugaiyan delivers a riveting, white-knuckle thriller from a script co-written with rising star and Tamil filmmaker M. Manikandan (director of 2015 IFFLA Audience Award winner THE CROW’S EGG). Their collaboration is a fine example of Tamil cinema’s recent emergence as a force on the world stage, and a superb elevation of the crime genre into a stylish, sophisticated look at corruption from the inside.

  • Director
  • Anucharan Murugaiyan

    A design engineer by education, Anucharan Murugaiyan relocated to Australia where he enrolled in a prestigious Animation Mentor course. There he learned from masters in the field, including Pixar’s best. He soon shot his first live action short, “Infinity,” which was selected for Tropfest Sydney, one of the world’s largest short film festival. Anucharan went on to receive commercial directing work in Australia, while remaining focused on his own creative work, and made his second short film “Watch Dog.” Anucharan returned to India in 2013 to collaborate with friends on his first feature film, KIRUMI.