Rog Moreau lives anonymously and aimlessly in a small town in Ontario. When his adopted mother unexpectedly dies, Rog loses his last tie to his Canadian upbringing and identity. Realizing he is dangerously spiraling, Rog decides to travel thousands of miles away to India to find the birth family that gave him up for adoption nearly thirty years earlier. His arrival is jarring, however, when he steps off the plane into the crowded sweaty streets of Mumbai and is confronted by his own foreignness in a strange, new land.

While eager to be reunited with his family, complications immediately threaten Rog’s search; a Catholic orphanage reveals his documents are forgeries. More desperate than ever, Rog sets out on a quest heading into Madhya Pradesh — the impoverished, rural heartland of India — to find the one local official who can help him solve the mystery surrounding his adoption. Rog’s journey takes him into the dark alleys, dusty roads and cramped train cars of India’s underclass as he tries to connect the threads of his own story. Ultimately he is pushed to his physical and emotional breaking point, forced to confront the ghosts that have been haunting him his entire life. Only then is he able to discover the truth.

  • Director
  • Sami Khan

    Sami Khan is a New York based director who has worked around the world. His fiction work has been supported by the Tribeca Film Institute, the Toronto International Film Festival and the Berlinale. His latest project is a documentary following the lives of four young Cuban baseball defectors who left their families behind in Cuba to chase their dreams and a chance at Major League stardom. KHOYA, Sami’s feature debut as writer-director, premiered at the 2015 Mumbai Film Festival and was selected for the Tribeca Film Institute’s All Access fellowship in 2013.