Set in a lush, breathtaking mountain region of West Bengal, celebrated filmmaker Suman Mukhopadhyay’s latest triumph boasts a rich, vividly portrayed ensemble of characters and an intricate, unpredictable story with the resonance of a great novel. Indrajit (played by the consistently stellar Ritwick Chakraborty) is an intelligent if indecisive man of 35 on holiday from Kolkata to visit his old college friend Moloy. He arrives to find Moloy constantly battling with his neglected wife Tuki, a formidable woman seeking elsewhere for the tenderness she fails to receive at home. In town, Indrajit comes across a familiar man whose insistence that they’ve never met before clearly masks an intriguing secret. Then, Indrajit runs into an old lover and her jealous husband, setting the stage for some fierce confrontation.

At the root of this engrossing story is Indrajit’s budding realization that his non-committal attitude towards life and love may have left him irreversibly adrift. While he may avoid the intensity of his friends’ relationships – which lead to daily shouting matches, rocks thrown through windows, threats and uncertainty – his own life has begun to feel increasingly hollow. Gorgeously filmed in an environment of towering forest trees, misty rainfall and ethereal fog, Mukhopadhyay’s film feels like the work of a master operating in peak form.

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  • Director
  • Suman Mukhopadhyay

    Suman Mukhopadhyay has directed six feature films: ASAMAPTA (2016; in post-production); SHESHER KOBITA (2014); KANGAL MALSAT (2013); MAHANAGAR@KOLKATA (2009); CHATURANGA (2008) and HERBERT (2005). HERBERT was given the National Award for Best Regional Film. He has been conferred with many awards and participated in various national and international film festivals including Montreal, Dubai, Munich, San Francisco, Seattle and Kerala . Suman has also made a number of documentaries, TV series, short films and cine-plays. He was a delegate to Cannes from the National Film Development Corporation, India.