There are movie stars and then there is Rajinikanth. A former bus driver turned star of Tamil films since the mid-1970s, Rajinikanth inspires an intense and devout loyalty from fans that can only be compared to that of a god. With some 150,000 fan clubs dedicated to celebrating him, and mob like-scenes around theaters screening his films, Rajinikanth is more than an actor: He’s the organizing force in millions of people’s lives.

In FOR THE LOVE OF A MAN, filmmaker Rinku Kalsy avoids straightforward biography and instead looks at his devoted followers. Rajinikanth inspires, not with his super powers (though he has those too) but in his commonness. From a man who pawns his wife’s jewelry to pay for a celebration for the actor, to a shopkeeper who flies to Singapore to wait outside the hospital where Rajinkanth recovers, we see the crazy, hilarious and terrifyingly powerful lengths people will go for a man on screen.

  • Director
  • Rinku Kalsy

    Rinku Kalsy graduated from a digital filmmaking course in Amsterdam in 2004. In 2006, she started her company Anecdote Films, now based in Amsterdam and Mumbai. She began her media career working at different studios and advertising agencies in Mumbai, including Dungarpur Films, Avitel and Applause Entertainment. Rinku spent the next six years doing freelance work predominantly on documentary films and television programs for Dutch national TV, as an editor, producer and subsequently as a director. She lives in Mumbai and Amsterdam.