Building on last year’s successful and well-attended event, we will be taking the opportunity of having so many directors of independent Indian cinema in Los Angeles at the same time to host a discussion about the current state of the industry. Moderated again by John Nein, Senior Programmer at the Sundance Film Festival, these directors will discuss current trends they see in independent Indian cinema, the unique opportunities and difficulties they have producing projects in India, their vision and hopes for the future for the filmmaking community, and much more. Join us for a one-of-its-kind public conversation with some of the leading filmmakers of India today!

Moderated by: John Nein, Senior Programmer, Sundance Film Festival


John Nein is a senior programmer at the Sundance Film Festival, where he has worked since 2001, dealing extensively with narrative films, the international program and the festival’s panels and conversations. He curates the Institute’s film preservation initiative, the Sundance Collection at UCLA. Outside of Sundance, he is the curator of the Library Foundation of Los Angeles’ Lost & Found at the Movies cinema culture series.
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