The Purushottam Karandak — a real-life inter-college festival in which theater students compete head-to-head — becomes an ideological battleground in this bold,brilliant exploration of the creative impulse. IFFLA alum Kranti Kanade leaves no radical idea or experimental flourish behind as he tells the story of Chetan, an aspiring young writer who dreams of winning the competition but struggles to find his own artistic voice. After Chetan clashes with his tyrannical acting professor, he enlists his own group of misfits to perform a play against his college’s official team. If only he could come up with a great story and keep his own temper and libido in check. And should true art even be placed in a competition, where one vision is declared the best?

As Chetan wrestles with these problems, Kanade flexes his own creative muscle with filmmaking choices as unpredictable as they are hilarious, thrilling and absolutely bonkers. The director’s blissful disregard for convention and his embrace of experimentation bring to mind the masters of the French New Wave. His fearless cast matches his daring in every scene, none more so than first-time actor Saurabh Saraswat as Chetan, who anchors the film with the charisma and confidence of a future star.

  • Director
  • Kranti Kanade

    Kranti Kanade’s forthcoming feature film GANDHI OF THE MONTH, the recipient of IFFLA’s Film Fund Development Grant, stars the legendary Harvey Keitel, Neeraj Kabi and other luminous Indian actors. His children’s film MAHEK premiered at the BFI London Festival,. His short “Chaitra” won five National Film Awards, and was India’s official entry to the Student Academy Awards. He studied at UCLA and FTII.