CHUTNEY POPCORN: Nisha Ganatra and Independence, Then and Now

Since our inception, one of IFFLA’s core goals has been to celebrate the achievements of uniquely gifted film artists who represent the best of diaspora cinema.  For its 15th anniversary, IFFLA is pleased to welcome Nisha Ganatra, a multitalented director, writer and actor who has proven herself to be one of the leading voices of the filmmaking community. Nisha will join us for a discussion of her career and a screening of her dazzling 1999 debut feature CHUTNEY POPCORN.

CHUTNEY POPCORN is a humorous look at the meaning of family and friends from a different perspective. When Sarita discovers she can’t have children, Reena finds that for the first time in their lives, she, Reena, can do something her perfect sister Sarita can’t: get pregnant! Obsessed with helping her sister and winning her mom’s approval to go ahead with her plan, Reena decides she’ll have the baby and then give it to her sister and brother-in-law. Now she just needs to convince her commitment-phobic girlfriend to go along with the idea.

With Indian traditions on the one hand and ’90s New York City values on the other, CHUTNEY POPCORN is a provocative comedy that shows you can find family somewhere between the two.

Panelists include: Nisha Ganatra, Elaine Hendrix, Parvesh Cheena, Jason George, and Danny Pudi.

  • Director
  • Nisha Ganatra

    NISHA GANATRA is an Emmy nominee and Golden Globe winner as the Director/Producer of Transparent. She recently sold a half-hour pilot based on her life to NBC/UTV with Amy Poehler producing. She is the Co-EP/Director of the first season of You Me Her, as well as the Co-EP/Director for the upcoming Louis CK and Pamela Adlon show, Better Things.

    Nisha’s acclaimed début feature, Chutney Popcorn won Audience Awards at the Berlin International Film Festival, Newport Film Festival, Paris International Film Festival and Madrid International Film Festival and Best Feature Film Awards at the Outfest Los Angeles, San Francisco Gay and Lesbian film festivals and Munich Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

    Nisha has directed episodes of Mr. Robot, The Mindy Project, Red Oaks, Married, Shameless, Brooklyn 99, Better Things and GIRLS.

    Nisha has also been presented with Women In Film’s Original Vision Award and was selected as one of Filmmaker Magazine’s Indie Filmmakers to watch.