Set in the lush coastal regions of Karnataka, first-time director Ananya Kasaravalli’s CHRONICLES OF HARI delves into the unique, ornate world of traditional Yakshagana theater and finds within it a sensitive, compassionate portrayal of a man troubled by questions of tradition and identity. In this story co-written with Ananya’s father, parallel cinema pioneer Girish Kasaravalli, Hari, a renowned actor who performs the female roles in his all-male acting troupe, finds himself holding on to certain female-associated traits once his lavish costumes and makeup are removed. He prefers to wear a sari, his delicate features are a stark contrast from the other men in the village, and when potential female companions approach he’s at a loss how to behave.

Kasaravalli and her lead actor, a magnetic Shrunga Vasudevan, tenderly examine both Hari’s desire to accept himself and to gain acceptance from his friends, family and neighbors. In a place ill-equipped to deal with any deviation from the status quo, Hari’s struggle becomes both an internal battle against his natural instincts and a fight for survival in an increasingly dangerous environment.

  • Director
  • Ananya Kasaravalli

    Ananya Kasaravalli has a Masters Degree in filmmaking. She hails from a family of filmmakers. Her father is the renowned filmmaker Girish Kasaravalli. Born into a family of filmmakers, her interest in filmmaking comes naturally to her. She has had a successful career in acting in films, TV and theater before attending the Prasad Academy. As a young director, Ananya has won many awards for her short films — WASIYAT NAMA, BEYOND BINARY and KAPPU KALLINA SHAITAN.