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BIG TIME – my doodled diary

As “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” dominates the pop charts, Maya writes in her diary everything that rocks her teenage world, from the assassination of Indira Gandhi and her parents’ divorce, to the latest pimple that made its appearance. But suddenly not much else seems to matter when a new girl arrives at school.   A delightful and intimate exploration of youthful obsession, budding sexuality and what it means to be a teenager, which all too often sucks, big time.


In this haunting documentary about human loss, a Cuban family mourns the suicide of their 12-year-old son. As the family struggles to make peace with what happened, complex questions arise as it becomes clear that this kind of tragedy affects not only them, but also the larger community in harrowing ways.


He works in a chicken factory. She works as a maid at an upscale hotel. Two young souls whose menial existence helps turn the giant wheels of a harsh, nameless city will give each other strength to carry on. A bold and haunting ballad about urban alienation and the transcending power of human connection.


Stunning animation and a vivid soundtrack transport us to the treacherous streets of Bombay, a city soaked in Bollywood dreams, where a young flower seller, eager to star in his own heroic romance, falls in love with a girl. Soon fantasy and reality vehemently clash in this poignant ode to romance that made its World Premiere at Cannes’ Critics Week.


Nirvala, a young nun, eagerly awaits her convent’s anniversary celebration as she has been entrusted with the dream task of escorting her secret idol, actress Urvasi. But her excitement turns into despair when, on the big day, an elderly nun’s health deteriorates and Nirvala is ordered to stay behind and care for her instead. A brooding emotional landscape lurks underneath the peaceful Kerala setting in this engrossing tale of teenage rebellion that won India’s National Award for Best Non-Feature Debut.


Evaristo and Yojan have built a safe, insular life for themselves. But a terminal illness brutally exposes their loving union to the inhumane reality for gay couples in India. A deeply affecting exploration of the human cost of India’s recent decision to re-criminalize homosexuality.


Determined to carve out a better future for herself, teenage Gouri leaves behind a life of prostitution that was forced upon her at a young age and takes a job as a caregiver for a mistrusting elderly widow. But just as she starts to find her footing in this new life, Gouri’s past rears its ugly head again. Skillful direction and understated performances shine in this nuanced exploration of the challenges and triumphs of starting over.


Armed with plenty of time on his hands, Dandekar, a curmudgeonly retiree with a picky palate, will stop at nothing to find just the right ingredients for the perfect sandwich. A heartfelt, offbeat tale about the perks of aging.


A debt-ridden farmer struggles to keep afloat amidst mounting pressure from his lenders. When his young daughter decides to adopt a stray rabbit, the relationship between father and daughter is put to the test. What the child considers to be the loving companion she desperately needs, her father sees as an additional threat to the family’s meager existence. An intimate and nuanced exploration of familial love and strife, evocatively photographed amidst stunning Indian countryside.


A dusty projector and an old film reel introduce Babu, a Bihari migrant living in a Bombay prop house, to the marvels of legendary magician Mandrake. A tense day of communal unrest turns into a joyful journey of discovery and wonder when Babu realizes that everything he needs to make his own magic lies right in front of him. An exuberant ode to the magic of art and the power of imagination that won India’s National Award for Short Fiction.