This year’s Sundance Film Festival heard non-stop buzz about director Q’s latest brazen cinematic provocation: a 1980s-set coming-of-age sex comedy. There’s much more on this film’s mind than young lust and sexual hijinks…but it does have plenty of that to spare!

When Bangalore University’s misfit quiz team wins a trip to the National Championships in Calcutta, the moment seems perfect to translate their new prestige into sexual conquest. Though the four young men – led by the titular Naman – possess book smarts and a formidable verbal wit, their skills in relating to the opposite sex are disastrous. Making matters worse, Naman has a preoccupation with the expectations of his caste, which throws a wrench into his every budding relationship. As the pointed one-liners fly and the carnal embarrassments pile up, Q’s direction pulsates with an unpredictable energy. His characters’ innermost desires manifest in vibrant animated sequences and unexpected musical interludes. It all adds up to an indelible portrait of young male libido that looks like a classic of the genre. What AMERICAN PIE did for homemade desserts, this film does for ceiling fans. And fish tanks. And refrigerators. And…

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  • Q

    Q is at the forefront of a new independent cinema in India. Based in Goa and Calcutta, he runs his company Oddjoint, producing aggressively transgressive work. His film GANDU (loosely translated as “Asshole”) was an official selection at the Berlinale and has been compared to TRAINSPOTTING and ENTER THE VOID. Variety wrote that “GANDU grabs audiences by the throat and works its way down”. He has won numerous awards and likes his humor black.