Jeet Johar is a devoted single father, dutiful son and proud Sikh living in Vancouver. He is also the leader of a murderous, ruthless gang that controls the local drugs and weapons market. Warring with other Indo-Canadian and Asian gangs, the members of Jeet’s crew are sharply dressed, television friendly and unafraid to grab what they want in the face of a white, traditional culture that portrays them as weak and cowardly. However, the “Beeba Boys” (“Good Boys”) are tested when a new recruit is brought in to fight older established gangs and the police. Both begin to close in, threatening to tear the gang apart.

With driving bhangra beats, high fashion, profound treachery, shocking violence, guns and cocaine, internationally acclaimed director and IFFLA alum Deepa Mehta brings her bold, uncompromising vision to the world of organized crime. Loosely based on second and third generation Indo-Canadian gangs that came into notoriety in the 1990s, BEEBA BOYS follows the rich tradition of the gangster film but in a community and culture never before seen on screen.

  • Director
  • Deepa Mehta

    Deepa Mehta is one of Canada’s most important film artists; her work is regularly celebrated on an international scale. Best known for her Elemental Trilogy (EARTH, FIRE, WATER), she received an Oscar nomination for WATER which premiered at IFFLA in 2006. Other well-known films include BOLLYWOOD/HOLLYWOOD, HEAVEN ON EARTH and the MIDNIGHT’S CHILDREN. Her work is daring, fearless, and provocative. This spirit is behind her latest film, BEEBA BOYS.