In a remote valley of Aruchanal Pradesh, a young girl faces the impending death of her beloved grandfather. As she watches him meticulously prepare a comfortable resting place, she struggles to reconcile her own feelings of grief with her grandfather’s unnervingly gentle approach to dying. But even in death, life can take an unexpected turn.

A tender and haunting meditation on life’s eternal cycle. The film won the Best Short Film award in the Generation Kplus section of the Berlin Film Festival.

Q&A to follow with director Amar Kaushik

  • Director
  • Amar Kaushik

    Born in 1983 in Uttar Pradesh, Amar Kaushik grew up between Kanpur with his grandparents and the north-eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh, where his father worked in the government’s forest department. He received a science degree with the aim to join the Indian Air Force, only to realize that it wasn’t his true calling. After briefly working in marketing in Mumbai, Amar spent nine years making his way up the ladder, from assistant director to associate director to a second unit director, working with some of the best minds in Bollywood. AABA (GRANDFATHER), Amar’s directorial debut, is based on a true story his mother told him as a child. Amar is currently developing his first feature film.